Jewish Leaders Foundation | About Us
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About Us

JLF is an organization supported by the global Olami network


There are over 300 organizations in this network across the world who are committed to inspiring, educating and infusing the next generation with a love of their heritage and Jewish identity. Acknowledging the lack of passionate and educated leaders, they have kindly supported the JLF’s vision and empowered us to do what we do best…. Empower you.

Are you a Jewish leader or a leader
who happens to be Jewish?


What is the difference? Jewish leaders walk the walk. There is no distance or disconnect between one’s public image and private self. We are what we believe and to the degree we live that, to that degree we can impact the world.


We believe that the greater the foundation a Jewish leader has, the stronger the clarity one has about what it means to be a Jew and how to live those values, the more one is effective and the more one can inspire and lead.

Global Goals

1. To empower, inspire and educate with regards to Jewish leadership. To open the dialogue, self reflect, ask the tough questions on any aspect of our heritage in order to make educated decisions and lead from there.


2. To equip and develop Jewish leaders with professional skills, strategy and mentorship to become the best leaders no matter what area you are passionate about leading in. These include social media, public speaking, reading your audience, strategy and project development.


3. To empower Jewish leaders to be creative and develop a project for increasing Jewish communal engagement. Approved projects will be funded and JLF will provide logistics support, free venues, some seed money, graphic designer and high level mentorship for select groups. The project must include two criteria to be considered for funding a) reflect Jewish values/content and be Jewish in nature and b) have a follow up strategy integrated into it so it’s not a one off.

Over the past six years JLF focused mainly on college students across the USA, UK and Australia as well as young professionals in South America and Canada. Now with the synergy and unity of vision with the Alumni Community (NYC’s primary provider of Birthright Israel post programming) and Ministry of Diaspora Affairs we are piloting a new program in Philadelphia and NYC focusing on Young Professionals. The South American cohort is going strong with young professionals literally transforming the Jewish landscape in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico.


The JLF Israel convention will take place in Israel this year on December 19-28, 2017. The group will be a mix of participants from both the North and Latin American regions.

We are excited to see what you, the future of the Jewish people can do!

For more information please be in touch.